Friday, January 01, 2010

Remains of the Day and Remains of 2009

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Well, the Evil Prince of Computer Crashes and Muck-ups decided to pay me a visit yesterday, making me feel as though I needed to have the skill of a safe cracker to diagnose and fix my computer problems.  As I type, I still have not been able to solve why one of my laptops just up and died, and now why my larger computer monitor won't display when attached to the other older laptop that I have it hooked up to.  I've decided that there is a Microsoft co-conspirator that purposely makes the "troubleshooting" tutorials purely useless as an inside joke.  I SWEAR, somewhere in the back of my monitor 'the conspirators' are looking back out at me laughing as I slowly advance through the Troubleshooter Menu advances , until it reads ...."We are unable to fix your problem."  Tell me, has anyone out there ever had a "Troubleshooter" fix a problem?

Oh well, it did give me the opportunity to begin to look at gathering up scraps of paper to begin the process of assembly pages for my latest shabby journal class .  In fact, perhaps there are no accidents, as I was still working on that part of the project when the clock struck midnight.  A few days left to go, I'm sure.

Here's a few snapshots of me trying to group scraps of paper in some sort of creative manner....

Aw yes, a pleasing  assortment of textures and colors....but wait....these were JUST what I found on various tables, nooks, crannies  and only surfaces  in my studio!   But, honest, I'm not a hoarder - I swear.  I know anyone reading will have to agree?  Hoarding implies unwise compromises to one's lifestyle....  right???
After I snapped these shots, I moved onto my 'smaller' sized paper category, and then into two file cabinet drawers....I'd say I'm about 35% finished my sorting....of  the mostly solid colored papers.  I did ask I taking a journal making class or a class on organizing....a bit of both it now seems.  But there was joy throughout the day as I rediscovered old favorite bits and tears and memories of's ALL good.  Despite those nasty computer gangsters.

One last shot - I started musing on the wrap  around tie for my journal cover..
not finished yet...somehow it seems to be begging for more shabbiness....I'll have to conjure up a 'Shabby Muse' as I seem to be wanting to make things anything but...something seems to be crying out for a Canadian flag somewhere in there...  Does anyone have a Shabby Muse for hire?   Eleanor is far too proper for this project.

Happy 2010 Day One!

Carpe Diem,


Terri Kahrs said...

Soooooo sorry to hear about your evil computer visitors. Nothing like glitches to turn an ordinary day into something special. Last week the evil twins dropped in to pay a visit to me. After they left, I couldn't open anything in my "Control Panel"!!! Thank goodness that my son (an amateur computer geek),was home. He played around for about two hours and reinstalled a bunch of stuff that had miraculously disappeared!!!

Will keep my fingers crossed that you're up and running smoothly soon.

LOVE your assembly of "scraps" - so luscious! Can't wait to see your journaling progress. Hugs, Terri xoxo

Kim said...

Definitely NOT hoarding, LOL! The paper supplies look scrummy! Love the last luscious pic of the journal. Progress looks good!

Elizabeth Golden said...

Wow you are going to have some awesome pages. At first it is sort of daunting, then you get this rhythm going and it is so much fun. I went back and looked at your journal cover and left a second comment - after seeing your pages I was sort of doing a mini art page thing. They are going to be perfect!

Seth said...

I have thought the same thing about my computer. Maybe they are related?!?! These paper piles are so inspiring to me. Cannot wait to see how they end up. A happy and healthy 2010!!

Kathleen Botsford said...

How come "other" peoples piles of papers look so much more intriguing than ones own???

jane eileen said...

I am a fellow class member. I really like your book cover. What is the webbed material you are using here, please? Thanks for showing your photos.

Marilyn said...

Nice stash. I know none of us would hoard??? No of course not.

Anonymous said...

Amazing as always