Monday, January 04, 2010

Celebrating My 100th "Follower"

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What a delightful surprise I found this morning when I logged into my blog.  100 Followers!  I'm delighted because I interpret this as a complement that I have created something that 100 people actually may choose to look at.  And, to me, that's the best feeling as someone who loves to create visual art.  If that assumption is a 'stretch' then even if I've created something that stirs the imagination or promotes inspiration, then that too makes me happy!

What better a time than to offer my gratitude and thanks to each of  you that click onto my blog,  take the time to leave a comment, or decide to follow my posts.  As some of you know, I started to blog  and returned to pursuing art soon after I moved to a new city where I knew only one person - my partner and best friend, and my then puppy, Mini.    I left a promising career and my two daughters and Dad behind, 5 hours away by car.  It's been a bigger challenge than I ever imagined and the online artist community I've come to know has often served as my 'social life', my source of inspiration and my 'trolley strap' holding me steady when I was in the depths of feeling entirely alone and regretting the decision I made.  Your comments, and collaborations in too many projects to count, have given me courage and strength to get through some rather bleak and cloudy days.  Please know how much you are appreciated!



layers said...

Congratulations-- of course you,your art and your blog will attract followers.. there is such strong support and bonds in the art-blog world.

Terri Kahrs said...

Congratulations, Trudi! No wonder you have 100 followers - your work is creative and a feast for the soul and eyes. There's always something to celebrate here, and I always enjoy my visits. Celebratory Hugs! Terri xoxo

Planète said...

Congratulation ! I love your creation and your Mini too ! Happy New Year !!!!

Ophelia said...

You ROCK!! That is why! Your art is soooo awesome...and I'm happy that you have "blessed my blog"!
Take care.

icandy... said...

Congrats on having 100 followers!!! WooHoo!!!
Isn't it nice to have so many "friends"?
Have a wonderful day!

rivergardenstudio said...

It sounds as if all the changes in your life have been a good thing for you, but I know they must have been hard to... congratulations on all that you have accomplished and I wish you a fantastic, art-filled new year! roxanne

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Congrats Trudi! Heartfelt comments...

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Congratulations Trudi.

There is no reward greater than that of a loyal fellow follower and commentator.

Your blog has undergone several design changes since I first arrived, but at all times your posts have remained consistent throughout.

I have always enjoyed my visits here and I look forward to our continued association and friendship.

Warmest regards

bockel24 said...

I can relate to what you´ve said about being supported by online contacts - they´ve been my only contacts for one year (during my exams at the university), and I don´t know what I would have done without them. Congrats on having so many followers - I know why, it´s so well deserved!!

Seth said...

A big congratulations on 100!! Given your wonderful blog and stunning art, it is no wonder that we are all following you around!