Friday, July 03, 2009

This week's MUSEsssss

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Michele of Digital Dissonance is just finalizing the specifications for her Summer Tarot Project over at the Recollection Parlor. I've been given the High Priestess and Judgement as my two cards in the Major Arcana. Steep learning curve, but I'm loving the richness of symbolism in the classical decks left open to my interpretation. If you haven't tried a tarot card - it's amazing how much history is involved within!
Final High Priestess
First, Second and Third Efforts
Not only have I caught the tarot bug (I hear it's contagious too) I also came down with the well ....the cloth ATC bug. Viola's gorgeous Cloth ATC's arrived in the mail earlier this week and I have to say, the texture in her work is second to none. Thank you so much Viola!! Of course, Lorraine's beautiful images of her recent cloth collages put the nail in the coffin and I was soon off to Value Village to load up on DOILIES...shaking my head all the while asking myself - Did you ever think you'd be buying used doilies Trudi? No. Not ever. Never.
Cloth Artist Trading Cards
And at about the same time I was coming down with the DOILY VIRUS, Marion invited me to participate in her annual ATC exchange - this year - ZETTI. So, I decided to complete some DOILY ZETTI's (yup - it's English).


Debby said...

Trudi, is there anything you can't do girl, everything, every single piece in this post is amazing. Love the cloth atc's.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Am loving the tarot cards! Believe me, I never thought I'd be hitting the thrift stores for doilies either! Glad to hear you have the "bug".....

bockel24 said...

Wow, great Zettis! Are these your final entries? Please let me know so that I can post a link to them in my upcoming blog swap update.

Viola said...

Hehe, it`s so fun to hear that, Trudi! Your tarot cards and the ATCs look so great! Have a nice day! :o)

Martina2801 said...

Excellent artwork !
I´m glad to play in Marion´s swap too.

katrin said...

great zettis! :-)

Sabine said...

today I received ATC No.2. I love it and wish I could sew like you.

ute said...

hello trudi,

now mine is charlie and i am very happy, that marions swaps it to me,
I love to work with fabric and charlie is so inspirating and wonderful.
big hugs ute