Wednesday, July 22, 2009

....The here!

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Rodney Smith is one of my favorite photographers. Many of you may recognize his work as "Mr. Byron" - the subject of several projects on this blog and with the artists in The Recollection Parlor. Mr. Smith was generous enough to provide me with the permission to use "Byron" who I named based on a poem by Lord Byron. So, without surprise, I have developed quite an affection for Mr. Byron as have several other artists. I still receive requests from otherwise anonymous bloggers to send his jpg image for them to utilize in their work.
Now, you have to have a fairly deep pockets to indulge in his latest Limited Edition (1000) publication "The End" as the price tag is set at $600.00 pre-release plus S& H. But if you are a collector of ART Books, then I would think this may be worth at least a surf over to view some of the images!

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