Saturday, July 25, 2009

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2 Original ATC's below by Michele Jackson

Apart from beginning a major clean up in my garage studio this week, I also finished a few projects for The Recollection Parlor and received some great mail. First off, the beautiful ATC's posted above arrived from Michele Jackson of Digital Dissonance. I ordered them through her Etsy site of the same name. Michele's artwork is always impeccably executed, and in the case of reproductions, they are glicee-like quality. Such a treat to have these to add to my collection.

Below is a group of ATC's that arrived on Wednesday from 8 of the artists I joined in a 5 day course I took entitled "Edges, Seams, Rivers and Dreams" taught by Laurie Doctor. They are all croppings from larger pieces of abstract mixed media paintings completed during the week. Aren't they too cool for the pool? I love the textural mixes created through the use of lettering.

I've always had a 'thing' about boxes, especially little boxes. Laurie Doctor teaches a very easy method for creating any size of box. I have several that are 'in progress' but I completed one on Thursday and stuffed it full of eight miniaturized copies of the Major Arcana tarot cards I've recently completed. I've included a couple of printer scans below. This little 'deck' is about 2 x 2.5 inches. I mounted the tarot cards onto cardstock and then laminated them. It'll be off to one of my wonderful art friends next week.

And Lorraine Stobie from Creative Daily sent me a photo to announce the arrival of her Moo cards. I've been working together with Lorraine on a blog makeover during the past month or so and designed these cards to coordinate with her blog background and banner. I'm happy with how close the finished cards were in color and sizing to the original submissions. Lorraine is offering VIDEO mixed media classes ON-LINE. Check out her blog (linked above) for more info! Registration is on-going.
If you like these and you'd like to have some of your own funky 'calling cards' and never seem to find the time to create them, drop me a line. I can create these as part of a blog banner or background package/makeover or seperately.

Thanks Lorraine for sending the photo along.

Finally, the "Citizen ATC Challenge" at The Recollection Parlor is near completion with the exception of one artist whose cards went missing in the mail. Here's a poster illustrating all of the submissions. We had every country represented in this challenge, making it particularly special and as you can see, the work is amazing! You can see each card posted individual if you visit The Recollection Parlor.


Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

Thanks for the shout out T! Always appreciated. I love the ATC's you've shown here. Will head over to the recollection parlor to check the close-ups.

Michele said...

Thanks for the kind words!