Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Look - Draft

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If you've visited my blog over the past few weeks, you'll notice how often it has changed! With a number of new projects on the go, I also thought I would come up with a design for a business card. It seems these days, with how little it costs to have one printed (VistaPrint), I'd then have something to include with my projects and other adventures!
Above is my first draft. The sideways T at the top with the 2 is meant to represent my little friend, Mini, my 3 year old Yorkshire Terrier who normally sits behind me in the same chair and is as close to being part of me as my artwork is. So, I decided she deserved to be a part of my logo as well , although next to the dress, she appears MUCH bigger than her 5 lbs . Her personality is bigger than Life.
Feedback? One of my downfalls is always adding too many elements into a collage, whether it is digital or with paints and ephemera - too busy? I still have to add my name, etc.


Anonymous said...

Love your new look Trudie, so fresh and elegant

Anonymous said...

Thanks Hermine. It is 'fresh' - but I never would have thought elegant. That's encouraging!