Monday, January 12, 2009

Afternoon View Today

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How lucky am I to be 'having' to do the dishes looking out the kitchen window at this? I saw them earlier in the front yard when the postman came but unfortunately, didn't see what lead them to group in this line. To me, this image is magical. If you have small children, grab them to show them that Santa's deer really do exist. How I wished I had a professional camera AND camera man to better capture this precious moment today. In the past, I've seen them gather for a rest in a 'star' set up so as to have a view of all four directions, but I think the chinook wind lead them to line up here as they did. You can see how the wind has caused the snow to blow up on the side and cut through the snow in the middle where they appear to be enjoying a small patch of bare grass.
I did watch them leave, and when they did, there were seven, cross my heart! I believe.

Click on the picture for a larger view, if you like.


bockel24 said...

You´re right, it´s magical - what a wonderful photo! But I´m glad that the snow here has gone today with higher temperatures and some rain - I´ve hated the fact that I couldn´t ride my bike and wasn´t able to shop my daily food ...

Seth Apter said...

What a special scene to see right out your own window. Just beautiful. Not too many of Santa's deer running through NYC!