Sunday, January 11, 2009

Altered Art Obsession Heart Project

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Heart #5 - The advantage of emotions is they lead us astray. - Oscar Wilde
Number 3 - Dance (not finished)
As soon as I posted the one above (3), I knew it looked bare and incomplete. I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike me so I can figure it out and start on the next. I'm drawing a blank right now!
Number 1 - Amor Vincit Omnia (Love Conquers All)
Number 2 - Wanted for Free Expression - Love
It's been over a year since I signed in for a project at Altered Art Obsession, but when Tejae announced a 5x5 Heart Project, I decided I'd join in. I had a chance yesterday and today to focus on them. There are 10 in total due by the end of January. The one on the left (Wanted For Free Expression - Love) is a modification of a collage I did in December printed on cloth and then sewn onto felt and embellished. The other is acrylic, embossing and embellishments, titled Love Conquers All.


nona e eu said...

gostei do estilo do seu blog abra├žos

............................ said...

Thank you Nona! I had to translate your Portuguesse - especially - 'abracos' - now I know it means HUG~!


Heather Robinson said...

Wow....what a fantastic new project!! Good for you for going for it! I just may have to use your services for my blog! Your work is absolutely stunning. Had such a lovely time scrolling through it. I did LOTS of sighing!!

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