Saturday, March 24, 2007

Why Two Dresses ???? What's up with that?

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I promised when I had time, I would answer this question that comes up more and more frequently these days. Ten years ago, I was sitting in a favorite restaurant (Jack's Grill) in Edmonton, Alberta sharing a bottle of vintage Ch√Ęteauneuf du Pape (a rare occasion) with a person who I was to learn encapsulated a soul as deep as the night is dark. We had recently met and were sharing our 'stories' when The Question arose. "What would be your Perfect Life?" What? No one had ever asked this question and so even if I had had an answer, I'd certainly never verbalized it. What followed next was as though someone else was answering for me. "I want Two Dresses. One to wear while I launder the other. I will be living in a warmer climate, next to a body of water. I will be able to see the water from my studio where I will be working as an artist full time. I will make enough money from my artwork combined with the fish I catch each day to support my simple life in a tiny cabin.
So - I have the Two Dresses, the Time to Create and the Dream. I eat fish. I'd say I am half way there!

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