Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Turning the Pages of Famous Journals from the British Library

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I am occasionally speechless when someone asks me what I did that day....probably because I find it impossible to sufficiently recapture details of a piece of art I am working on (hmmmm...that's why its VISUAL...) or, a succinct way to describe an outstanding website such as the one I describe below. Perhaps a solution to this would be to refer those who ask to this site.... but...that would be rude. Instead I hum and haa and most just assume I am suffering from LBS (little brain syndrome.) :0) I digress.. Today I stumbled across one of 'those' - The British Library Online Gallery. You will find the link to it under "My Links" But be forewarned. Surfing to this site may cause you to lose track of time with the likes of Lewis Carrolls'original journal of Alice, THE DIAMOND SUTRA (or the oldest book in the world!) or a Journal from William Blake.....or Jane Austen's retelling of the History of the Monarch and England - did she really say "vent my spleen?" Audio accompanies each page. I think my best response "I was meditating," may best answer why the dishes are still in the sink or why I didn't return that call.

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