Monday, March 05, 2007

Puerto Vallarta Doors

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Well, my vacation here has just about come to an end. I will miss the beauty and sunshine in this magical city. Though I had hoped to take many more photos, the hazy, lazy summerish days tranquilized me and instead, I had the luxury to spend precious time with my bestfriend and partner. His warmth, integrity and kindness continues to give me 'chicken skin' whenever I consider him. But OH, how hectic our lives can become when we are at home....and life explodes.
I am so lucky I have had the past two weeks to spend catching up with him and basking in the kindness of the Mexicans.
Scattered throughout this text are a few photos - I have an affinity to doors and developed this craze when I visited Greece 15plus (yikes) years ago via backpack and with best girlfriend Catherine. The craze continues almost two decades later! I challenge myself to envision what lies beyond the doors.
Finally a wonderful candid shot of a young Mexican woman I purchased a small
beaded necklace from - isn't she sweet?

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