Friday, February 07, 2014

Step by Step Tutorial: Craft Attitude: Heart Shaped Lavender Potpourri with Free Images for Download

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The folks at Craft Attitude were kind enough to invite me back to create a fun little Valentine's Day project with, you guessed it... Craft Attitude! 

After pouring over dozens of Pinterest photos, tossing around a few ideas, I decided - Who says hearts have to be red?

I am declaring Valentines Day 2014 the year of the Green Heart! 

So, here's my little idea  along with a suggestion I hope you'll be open to???    Instead of surfing the web right now, why not spend an evening creating a few fragrant lavender filled potpourri's?   The internet will wait.  And start to finish  all you will  need is 3 hours....  and no experience  is necessary!

All you have to do is find a nice cozy chair, print out one or more  little heart shaped graphic (see below for link to FREE graphic),  grab a needle and thread, maybe a glass of wine or  a nice fragrant tea and by the end of the evening, you'll have a lovely little heart shaped potpourri.  

You can use an old pillow case or some such, nothing fancy.  After all, isn't a gift that speaks of  time dedicated and thoughtfulness felt   worth more than a box of chocolates?  (well, just, maybe?)

Wrap one up for your BFF this Valentines Day...what girlfriend wouldn't appreciate this?   Or maybe you need to just give yourself a well-deserved treat and tuck it  inside your own lingerie (aka PJ's :0) )  drawer.

Here's what you need:
  • Heart images from Hidden Vintage Studios at Deviant Scrap . BLESS her soul, Tracey Parker, the Designer at Hidden Vintage generously offered to provide the heart graphics she created FREE OF CHARGE for you - you can download them here or here, or here.  Thank you Tracey!!!  If you want to send a thank you in the comment section beow,  I'll be sure to forward them off to her!  She's a true sweetheart.  Thanks Tracey!
  • One sheet of Craft Attitude  ( one sheet will be enough for 4 4x4 inch hearts)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • 10x10 inch piece of repurposed fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Embroidery thread
  • UHU Glue stick
  • seed beads
  • lavender and/ or polyester stuffing/fragrant loose tea, (or a drycleaning bag cut and squished up if push comes to shove!)
  • Ribbon, scraps of tatting, ephemera bits.


1.  Print the  heart  pattern out on to Craft Attitude Transportable Inkjet Film. 
2.  Glue shiny side  and place over recycled cotton fabric.
3.  Remove  the  backing attached to the art film  and smooth the two combined layers  out with your fingers, or iron it flat.
4.  Now, cut the heart out, and leave about a quarter inch salvage.
5.  Embroider, stitch, and embellish the heart  complimenting the colors  already in the collage to your heart's content.  It's lovely just as is too if you are pressed for time!
6. Cut out the piece of fabric for the back side of heart, leaving a 1/4 inch salvage.
7. Placing right sides together, stitch around the heart, leaving a small opening to fill the heart with stuffing/lavender or???? Here's a thought -  if you don't have lavender - check out your herbal/spiced tea many teas these days are so fragrant. 
8.  Stuff the  heart and then stitch the heart closed.
9.  Make a bow from ribbon and stitch to top of heart.  Adourn it with any other found objects you have waiting for this exact moment!

Here's what the Craft Attitude Inkjet Film looks like as it is being removed from its backing.  Tip:  Be earth friendly and keep the backing for later use!  I make greeting cards with it.

Gather your supplies (I always use a box to make clean up breeze.)
With everything  ready to go, next - boil the water, or pop the cork.  Time to relax.

Stitch around various areas and add beads here and there.  I came across  an old piece of vintage tatting (the little cream colored round bits)  and decided to sewed it on too.  Depending on how much spare time you have, you can add more beading or stitching. Anything goes!

Most of all I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day (in any color you choose!) and thanks for stopping by!


domestic diva said...

Absolutely beautiful! Especially like your suggestion for reusing the backing. Nice work!

~*~Patty S said...

All around brilliant and inspiring dear Trudi...
I he♥rt it VERY much!
and using a fragrant tea is a super idea too...
Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend!

Linda said...

I love hearts in any color-these are gorgeous Trudi!! I am the lucky recipient of one of your lavender sachets (with your art printed on it)and after a few years it still smells divine in my art room :)Thanks for the tutorial.

Bea said...

Up late at night I was going back through some of your older posts and found this one. What a great idea. I have a shoebox full of dried lavender from my garden, last year. I hadn't decided how I was going to package it up. I hadn't heard about Craft Attitude so now I have to check that out.
Thanks again for the inspiration.