Sunday, February 09, 2014

Enter to Win A Free Copy of - Incite: Dreams Realized - Hardcover Book

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Today, I spent some time reflecting on how blessed I am for a list of reasons far too lengthy to begin to list here.   I also began to make my "to do" list of  what I hope to accomplish this week, adding in what plans were already booked.  

Noticing Friday was Valentine's Day, I found myself thinking back to the times I spent as a divorced woman, raising two children .  I can recall a few years when Valentine's Day was not about celebrating with someone I loved, but more about surviving another year of being rather frazzled and lonely.  On more than one  occasion I confess at some level I  did partake in my  own little pity party about how being a single woman in her 40's wasn't the life I had planned.  

So now, when Valentine's Day approaches every year, even though I eventually did find the love of my life,  I continue to  count my blessings  along with feeling a deep sense of compassion for the many single Moms out there who find themselves alone on a day designed for couples, but who probably deserve ( more than many others with husbands, boyfriends, or partners)  a dinner out, a glass of champagne and a surprise bouquet of flowers to arrive at work.  

Although I am not able to effect the lives of every single mother with children alone on Valentines Day, I can perhaps offer a small gift that may bring a smile to one woman's face on February 14th, 2014.   It was a 'dream come true' for me to be published in this lovely book, and an honor for me to pay it forward!!! -

Here's how to enter:    

If you are a single woman, raising children, or you  know someone who is, OR, you can think of a  good reason why you would be deserving, please  leave a comment stating your reason below and this Friday I will select a winner who will  receive  a free copy of this beautiful hardcovered book -  Incite:  Dreams Realized - The Best of Mixed Media.   

And, along with a stunning selection of artwork from 93 different artists, my artwork is featured on Page Five - 

Night Sky – 6” x 6”x1.5” inches
  mixed media on rice paper, made with a  Craft Attitude film overlay, watercolour, vintage ephemera (cigar labelling),  skeleton leaves on cradled wood panel

Below - 3 different views - 

 Good Luck - and....Whatever your dreams may be this Valentine's Day - may they all come true!


bockel24 said...

well, no children here (as you know), but maybe 17 years of being an unhappy single also qualify me? have to think about having pity parties with myself on Valentine´s days in the future ...

pamela said...

Well, My daughter is grown now. I have been divorce for 14 years. If it wasn't for my love of art/mix media artist/ scrapbooking/card making I don't know where I would be right now. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of this beautiful book.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

Like you, those days are behind me now, but I still remember them, and they shaped the person I am today.

Kathleen said...

My children are grown and the house is empty. For some reason I can't restart my creativeness. I think after all these years my confidence is gone...too concerned with failing than actual doing. I am sure there are people worse off than me because I have a nice roof over my head and plenty of food. But after all the years of "holding down the fort" I've forgotten who I am.

Linda said...

what a really generous gift and for someone who really could use it Trudi. I really don't know of anyone but I wanted you to know how kind your gesture is.


I was 29 yrs. old when I became a single mother. My son was 7 and daughter 4. I struggled to put myself through college and got my master of art degree the same year my son graduated high school (BFA-Design Communications, MA Ceramic Sculpture). For years we got by on ramen noodles, potato sandwiches, and beans and cornbread. I never found "the love of my life". Still, I am blessed with two precious children and 3 grands. See my art on Mixed Media by Zehner on facebook Would love to have a copy of your book.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Trudi, this piece is just breathtaking!