Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Tribute to Joseph Cornell

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 Thanks to everyone who so warmly welcomed me back to our art blogging community!  It's good to feel love!

In September, Hollie from Holliewood Studios released a kit paying homage to Joseph Cornell and his famous 'boxes' or assemblage. 

 Joseph Cornell

 I've long been a fan of his quirky and magical collections of disparate objects and Hollie obviously is too.  The images she gathered together have endless possibilities.  

Anyone who enjoys creating digital art would not want to miss this kit titled "Bird Boxes".

Holliewood Studios:  "Bird Boxes"  
(click on a bird to travel to the Deviant Scrap Shoppe)

And below, my two creative team contributions as examples of how to employ this kit -

JoeBox 1 - digital collage
Copyright 2012 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved
Image Credits with thanks to Holliewood Studios

The-not-so- Mysterious Escape of Cassiopeia
Digital Collage
Copyright 2012 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved
Image Credits - Holliewood Studios: Bird Boxes and Trudi Sissons personal collection


bockel24 said...

Your boxes are fantastic, Trudi - I´ve been sneaking around this kit, but you´ve almost convinced me that I need it.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

These are too wonderful for words....I love Joseph C myself!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! Pecae, Mary Helen

amy of four corners design said...

yes, welcome back Trudi! I too love Joseph Cornell...your two examples are stunning...

Terri Kahrs said...

Trudi, these pieces are touched with a touch and tribute to Joseph C., yet your style and creativity are very evident!!! So good to have you back and sharing your art.

I finally dusted the cobwebs away and did my first post in ages earlier this week. Now that I've made the "commitment", I'll have to spend more time making art!!! :) It's a "good thing". Creativity + Commitment = Satisfaction!!! Sending love, Terri ♥

Lorraine said...

Now this kit looks very appealing and your digitals even more so! May have to pick this one up.

Seth said...

What a great idea for a kit. I love Cornell's boxes and your two creations as well!

Jeff Roberts said...

Another place for fans of Joseph Cornell:

Jeff Roberts said...

Another blog for fans of Joseph Cornell:

~*~Patty S said...

I was totally smitten when I got to see a J Cornell exhibit in Wash DC a few years ago and was lucky enough to visit several times...they let you see what his studio looked like with his labeled cigar boxes and more

Your digital collages are fantastic dear continue to amaze with your collage talents!


Caterina Giglio said...

and who isn't a fan of Cornell?? and love that last piece especially... x