Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's a start!

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This morning, I grabbed my cup of coffee and headed up to my studio/office to make a work related phone call.  I don't usually work on the weekends, but I'd fallen behind with  appointments and decided to play catch up today.  As I went upstairs, I grabbed the May/June 2012 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine that had just arrived in the mail on Friday, sat down, put it on my desk and proceeded to dial the number on the phone.

The "short story version" of my job is completing three  psychiatric standardized assessments/inventories   consisting of 71 questions on patients prior to their clinical visits with the psychiatrist I work for.  It's a way of charting progress and collecting data in a quantifiable/measurable way.    I've been doing this for over two years now and although each interview is always unique and different, the questions I ask are very standardized and I  am quite confident when I say I could recite them backwards in my sleep. 

So I often gaze around my art studio as I am waiting for the patient to consider and answer the question I've just posed.   Today, I was looking down at my desk,  pen in hand, ear to the phone and looking at the cover of the CPS magazine when I realized a piece of my art was on the cover!  Way up in the top right corner, about 1.5 x 1 inches there it was - a postcard I'd submitted for one of their challenges.  A big thank you to Jenn Mason (Editor - Cloth Paper Scissors) for the start of helping me realize a bigger goal!

Let's just say - thinking with my glass half full - it's a start!   Here it is - (you may want to grab a pair of 3.50 reading glasses to view it)  OK, I's a start.

 Cloth Paper Scissors - May-June 2012

 And here it is larger inside the magazine - 

 Cloth Paper Scissors May June 2012 - Page 83

and my photograph of it before it went postal -

Postcard for Cloth Paper Scissors Postcard Challenge
4 x 6 inches Mixed Media Collage 
Copyright 2012 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved

Image Credits with thanks to
Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studio
 Figure of the little boy - from my collection of vintage photographs - 

original photograph

-  extracted figure from above photograph. with shadow added and contrast adjusted - 

Now, on the other hand, Seth Apter from The Altered Page really did strike it big recently as his art work graced the cover of the most recent edition of Somerset Studio! !  When I grow up I want to be just like you!

 Somerset Studio - June 2012

Congratulations Seth!

Thanks for reading, I hope you had a little giggle at my expense  and have a great weekend!



Joanna said...

I RECEIVED CPS THIS MORNING!! Many congratulations, it is indeed a MASSIVE start! The COVER of Cloth paper Scissors?! A dream for me :o)

Gina Sismilich said...

love your postcard!

Michele Jackson said...

It's a great start! I love your cloth mixed media work.

i spy with my crafty eyes said...

Congrats!!!! Your postcard looks lovely and is very photogenic. :)

Julie Short said...

Well done! I look forward to seeing your published piece on the page, next week or when? Cloth Paper Scissors is totally unreliable in its delivery to me ,,,grr!
Creating can get us through some grinding times that is for sure.

glitterBugStudios said...

Very cool trudi! I am hoping my copy comes soon. Congrats, you deserve all good things.

fairyrocks said...

Your inspirational work deserves to be seen it is so detailed and carefully crafted. Well done indeed!!
Keep smiling and creating

Lorraine said...

Good morning girlfriend and CONGRATULATIONS! Even if it is small, the cover no less... Bet it made your day...

Tracie said...

YAY! I just got my copy in the mail this week and pitched on the pile of reading to catch up on today! I'm soooooo glad I'll find you there, you rock star!

bockel24 said...

How big or small your artwork may ever be printed, it will be great!
And yes, I can´t wait to receive my Somerset issue that a US friend gave me as a gift (how nice is that?) ... I´ve been a big fan of his work for years now!

Linda said...

Huge congrats to you Trudi!!!!
Well deserved-your art is truly outstanding and so meaningful. I'm definitely picking up this issue.

PS- another online art friend Sandee has her postcard there too(the one at the bottom with the heart).

Balinda said...

Congrats on being in the magazine!!! it's an amazing post card!!!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

congrats Trudi! you so deserve it! waaay fun! x

Seth said...

Gorgeous work Trudi. A big congratulations for being featured on the inside pages and on the cover of CPS!