Sunday, April 08, 2012

The Blog Hop, Help Me Choose a Moo, and Enter to Win a Copy of Seth Apter's New Book!

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Today it's my pleasure  to introduce you to a new art book that recently  hit the bookshelves titled The Pulse of Mixed Media.   Authored by Seth Apter, a mixed media artist, and now published author,    I was first introduced to Seth  four years ago by another artist, Debbie Mihalick, a fellow Western Canadian. 

As Seth 'hops' around the countryside, promoting his new book "The Pulse of Mixed Media"  he invited  us to hop around a few blogs within the community of mixed media and altered art enthusiasts as well as answer a few questions  also answered by artists  featured in his book.  

My responses - 

Is creativity built-in, learned, or both? Without an ounce of doubt, I believe we are all born with creative abilities and it is our individual experiences as we grow and develop that determine   how often  and in what genre we seek creative expression. 
How has the Internet changed your artistic practice?  The internet has given me an unlimited  free admission pass to travel world wide through this century and several recorded before it, to access material I could never have  hoped to  enjoyed in dozens of lifetimes otherwise. My life is enriched by it daily and my creative processes continually influenced in ways too lengthy to list.
Do you enjoy working more intuitively or by carefully thinking through your process? Although I  enjoy working both intuitively and cognitively, I prefer the little surprises that are often tucked away within my subconscious.  I think when anyone manages to escape the 'shoulds' and the 'musts' in any exercise, what transpires is the unique essence of one's soul.

I invite you to 'hop' around some of the blogs featured in Seth's mini-tour.  "Hop" links provided below by clicking on each name -
April 3 - Stephanie Lee 
April 4 - Ali Edwards
April 5 - Ro Bruhn
April 7 - Nancy Lefko
April 8 - Kelly Kilmer
April 9 - Trudi Sissons
April 10 - Melody Nunez
April 11 - Dina Wakley
April 12 - Stephanie Hilvitz

 And if you missed my post yesterday, it's not too late to Help Me Choose My Moos, and sign up to my newsletter to enter a chance to win your own copy of Seth's new book!   Details here


Caterina Giglio said...

great post Trudi, love the book! xo

Robert said...

There seems to be LOTS going on on Two Dresses Studio! I'm glad to have discovered you as part of Seth's bloghop. I enjoyed your answers to the three questions from the book which you chose. I particularly like the way you answered the one on working intuitively or cognitively when creating. I tend to work intuitively in my own work, and am frequently amazed by the 'little surprises' that my subconscious comes up with in the intuitive state. The intuitive connections made during the creative process, frequently take the piece I'm working on in an entirely new direction! My votes for your moo cards? I pick numbers 1, 8, 10, 20,and 23!

Lisa said...

always a breath of fresh air when i stop by your blog Trudi.. love your work in the book and enjoyed reading your responses in this post!

elle said...

I'm happy Seth sent me over here. I'mn off to vote and sign up for your newsletter.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Seth manages to bring out the best in mixed media artists. I am in love with your art and your Butterfly project is the BEST.

A Magical Whimsy said...

I love the 'Moo' cards you have made.
Quite fascinating and I will go have a look at the blog where you couldn't stop making them! Okay, here are my number choices:
one, three, six, eight, and ten.
And...I am linking this giveaway to my blog...AND...I am also signing up for your newsletter. I would LOVE to win Seth's fabulous book!
Thank you!
Teresa in California

Lisa Graham Art said...

I have MOO cards too...I LOVE THEM! YOUR choices are all fantastic...but if I had to pick...2,10,12,18,21. Awesome!

I have Seth's book...I am combing through it slowly right now...savoring.

TheFairyyellowbugQueen said...

I'm so glad that I saw your most recent post (as I follow you) and came on by because I discovered that my original comment where I thoughtfully chose five of my favs. from the selection, was not in fact posted in the comments section. So I went back and easily remembered my five that I liked. They were 10, 14, 17, 5, and 22 although I remember liking 4 and really maybe a couple of other images. But the bottom line is that for the size of the moos I like an image that is bold with not too much going on. Your digital art is stunning in any event and thanks for the opportunity to maybe own Seth's book. I am inspired by it immeasurably. *smiles* Norma
p.s. I put your info on my sidebar where it is top and center for all to notice. I'd already done this after posting what I thought was my comment days ago. Hopefully it will appear this time. Ciao!