Monday, December 19, 2011

The pressure is on

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to get this finished before Dec 24.  I am feeling it - even though it is all self-imposed.  I keep trying out different excuses in my mind as I paint, reasons to delay it so I don't have to hurry through.  Being a beginner at painting is really rearing it's ugly head and I haven't any techniques to draw upon apart from some of the You Tube videos I've watched.  If anyone out there has taken an on-line acrylic painting course (preferably portraits as opposed to landscape) I would love to hear from you!  I am also open to any suggestions!
Arrrgggggg....I think I need to take a chill pill.  I swear I've worn out my husband asking him to tell me what's right and wrong.  Damn insecurity.   If I were the type of person to be more gentle on myself, I'd give myself a pat on the back for getting over the dreaded fear of a paint brush that has plagued me for 3 decades.  Oh, I know, everything WILL be OK.  :0) 

Day 13 - work in progress
Study of Richard Phillip's "Scout" - 40x30 inches acrylic on wrapped canvas
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sugar Creek said...

What are you worried about? It's beautiful! You have done a wonderful job on this. What an awesome gift!
For me personally, I don't like working with acrylics in this way. They dry to fast for me. I love oils so I can play around and blend them and if I don't like it I break out the mineral spirits! But like I said you done a beautiful job!

Cinner said...

I love it, sometimes I think we are our own worst critiques. I think this piece is amazing, trust your heart. have a happy holiday and may all your
dreams come true. hugs.

Joanna said...

These self imposed gremlins really don't help, do they?! Your 'Scout' is fantastic, and you've very nearly finished her - you KNOW, deep down, what you've got to do to finish it so grit your teeth and GO FOR IT! Your daughter will be so happy!!


Barb said...

This is looking fabulous!...dunno why you are worrying about your capability!

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

This is looking FANTASTIC Trudi! Remember, we are our own worst critics...

franswazz said...

Reading your post made me smile, especially the bit about the hubby....are we related by any chance?
Peace and ♥♥♥