Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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"Dear God, Please send to me the spirit of Your peace. Then send, dear Lord, the spirit of peace from me to all the world. "                                                                                        - Marianne Williamson

Peace - digital illustration
Copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved
Image Credits - Tumble Fish Studio and Holliewood Studios


Julie said...

And wouldn't it be wonderful if it could be true Trudi?
Have a wonderful Christmas time with those you love.

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

You've done the sentiment justice - well done!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Thank you Trudi for your optimism and we all need to pray for peace in our hearts, our families, our communities. Blessings, Mary Helen

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

I loved this the first time I saw it. Peace to you my friend and have a wonderful christmas time.