Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I can't think of

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any reasonable explanation for why Evelyn's new work - Your Inner Voice captured my imagination with such ferocity.   I continued to stay true to my goal to return more toward non-digital work, but felt compelled to devote some extra 'art' time to working with her new images.  Is it just me or do they also speak to you?  And if they do, what are they trying to express?

 Room With a View

 Tears from Heaven (Eric Clapton)


This next piece was inspired by a poem by Pablo Neruda.  I have been reading from a translation of some of his poetry from a book  titled Full Woman, Fleshy Apple, Hot Moon - as translated by Stephen Mitchell.

"...After your long journey
feathered magnolia
triangle that the air
holds up into the heights
slowly you come back
to your form
your silver garment
ovaling your brilliant treasure
become once again
a white bud of flight
seed of


 Portal to Infinity


Image Credits:
Room With A View, Tears from Heaven, Creation
 - 100% Finecrafted Designs "Your Inner Voice"
Oxygen - Figure - Finecrafted Designs plus my own images
Portal to Infinity - above and Finchly Papers and thanks to Mrs. Inman of Flickr
for the moon and the parrot and to JoeSistah for the room behind the stars
Surrender - above and Lorie Davison

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sugar Creek said...

so beautiful, really love them!

Heavens2Betsy said...

These just took my breath away and I let out an audible gasp at their exquisite beauty! I love them all and, the Neruda. Penny

cat lacigale said...

These are amazing pictures ! I love !

Holly Loves Art said...

Wow... all so gorgeous! Very Dali-esque I think. I hope you're well my friend.

Michele said...

All of these are beautiful! I am going to buy this kit - my first kit purchase that I can recall. Thanks for sharing!

The Painting Queen said...

Finecrafted Designs 'Room With A View' is a very unique and compelling kit. The images you created with her pieces have a voice of their own. Well done!

The Painting Queen said...

Oh sorry Finecrafted's kit name was "Your Inner Voice" and your artwork was "Room With A View. Got them mixed up in me old head.

Artfully Musing said...

Just wonderful work as always. So much to look at and each one etherial and striking. Laura

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Pablo Naruda makes my heart sing....elegant grace complete in the lovely flow of gentle words. Your images are so lovely...they ease my heart at the end of a very busy day. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Healing Woman said...

Heavenly! What better word to describe the images and your renditions of them.

Sharmon Davidson said...

I'm amazed by these creations! My favorite is "Surrender"- love that mysterious dark mood. Beautiful!