Friday, July 23, 2010

Dreaming - the same as Creating?????

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So Dream - 5 x 7 collage available as a limited edition print

Lyric Credits - by Ella Fitzgerald - Dream (When you're feeling blue..)
Image Credits -
*Tumble Fish Studio - moon, waves, and background - NEW - Vintage at the Beach Journal, wings, Angels
*Holliewood Studios - stitching, umbrella and stars - The Thing Finder
Lisa's Altered Art - flying figure and 'dream'

I've  recently realized  how often the digital art I create has a theme of dreaming in it and this realization has brought up a query in my mind of whether the process of creating shares or mimics  any neurobiological phenomena or subconscious streams of thought that also occur in a dream or meditation  state?  For me personally, I learned how to meditate through the process of drawing when I was in art school, so my thoughts and considerations tend to sway in the direction of proving this hypothesis.

Here's the story

 I had a deadline project due and rushed to the university studio one Saturday morning at 8 am, determined to finish it.  The drawing I was working on was a large scale ( 4 foot square)  tonal study of a group of  3 feet x 3 feet square white painted cubes that were arranged in the studio with a spotlight shining on them to exagerate the shadows.  I sat down with a mug of coffee and arranged my graphite.  The next memory I had was looking at my watch and realizing it was 4 pm.    Eight full hours had passed and I had no recollection of ANY time passing at all.  It was as though I had been catapulted into a different realm that bore little resemblance to 'earthly time'.    I vividly recall driving home afterward, with not only riveting thoughts about how this could have possibly happened but also with the clearest set of what I have since referred to as 'artist eyes'.  To me, artist eyes are the way the reality of what you are seeing almost morphs into a painting and no matter what you are looking at, the shadows, colors, tonal nuances all take on an illuminated feel to them.  Burned into my brain is an image of the wet pavement  I was travelling home on,
lit by street lights and contrasted with the brilliant grass green ditches on either side.  The sky was Payne's Grey and the yellow road lines, equally brilliant.

Please please share with me any similar experiences you may have had when your experience of creating seems to morph into a surreal experience???

Below, I'd like to share a few of my more recent digital pieces, again, all with the theme of dreaming... and with some very thoughtful encouragement from a dear friend, I am going to begin to sell limited edition prints of some of my digital collages.  I don't have a lot of confidence at selling my art, but I have to continue to repeat to myself - nothing ventured, nothing gained.    I have decided to put mats on  everything that I will be selling as well as keep the sizes standardized for easy and affordable framing so I'm busy busy busy working on this task as well as protecting each limited edition print in sealed envelopes and creating  a recording system to track each edition.  I'll begin to indicate on my posts here if a piece is available and at what size.  And as time allows, also list them on Etsy.   Eventually I hope to get a rhythm done for doing this efficiently.   Wish me luck?  or  support the cause :0)  or simply..... Thank you for looking, shopping, buying or leaving a comment.  Do I sound starved for attention?  Well, you'd be right about that!  I spend many many hours each and every day, alone, but never lonely.....dreaming........

DayDream - 8 x 10 digital collage available as a  limited edition print

Image Credits -
Tangie Baxter - Compendium of Daydreams at
 for all elements except
 figure - Midnight's Touch -
Remain in Wonder 8 x 10 digital collage available as a limited edition print

Image Credits -
Tangie Baxter - Compendium of Daydreams and Art Stomp at for all elements except figure - Midnight's Touch -

A Day in The Life

Image Credits:
Art Stomp and Splatter Graffiti from Tangie Baxter at  ScrapBookGraphics,com
Figure from Stark - Holliewood Studios @ Deviant

Universal Keys - digital collage  5 x 7

Image Credits:

Mjranum - DeviantArt for male figure
*Tumble Fish Studio - Angels and lower clouds - wings
*Studio Gypsy - Shrine Sets - shrines, keys, ephemera 
*Clementine Designs - Starry Night background and Sky background - Pioneer Story 

Paris in the Springtime - 5 x 7 digital collage available as a limited edition print

Image Credits -

Tangie Baxter - Compendium of Daydreamsat Scrapbookgraphics for
all elements except -figure -
William Adolphe Bouguereau - 1900

So Far Away - from Carole King's lyrics

Image Credits:
Clementine Studios - background - Choo Choo Train at
Paper Whimsy - figure.


Bea said...

Absolutely, right on the mark. Meditation quiets the mind and allows the creative expression of your physical body to do what it does best, create. When I meditate there is no, man created idea of time. I am. Being able to totally lose yourself in a different space is probably the healthiest thing we can do for our mind, bodies and spiritual selves. :)Bea

Healing Woman said...

One day I came home from one of my art shows and knew I had another one the following weekend. I had sold out and was frantic as to what I could do to get ready for the next one. I walked into my studio and went into a very strange "art state." Every one of my movements seemed mechanized. No time was wasted, no step was wasted as I finished the sculptures that I had just taken from my kiln. When I started, the clock had said 8:AM. When I looked again, it was 10:PM. I do not remember anything other than this. When I headed for the show the following weekend, my Rubbermaid tubs were full again and my show helper asked me where the sculptures came from. She thought I must have cleared out a gallery. When I told her what happend, she was amazed..I was as well. The creative force took over in full force. I'm always grateful when that force hits. Time does indeed, stand still.

Thanks for asking for examples. I know this happens to most artists in a similar way.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Time melts when I work. Its usually something like a ache from standing so long that makes me come out of it. These pieces are beautiful Trudi.

Michele said...

Daydream and Remain in Wonder are sublime! Please send me the buying info for RIW. Thanks!

Terri Kahrs said...

I honestly can't tell you how many times I've gone into my studio and have lost track of time. When I'm in the "zone" it's a very zen experience. There's nothing but the work and my hands. One minute it's 10 a.m., and the next it's 4 p.m. It could be pouring outside or sunny - I've no idea, although I'm facing two side-by-side windows in my little studio. It's bliss!

Trudi, it goes without saying, your pieces are gorgeous. I'm soooo happy that you've decided to do an ETSY shop!!! You GO, girl!!! Your beautiful work deserves to be shared and adored!!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Bea said...

OK, while out on the tractor I was giving serious thought to this question, AGAIN. I don't think they are the same. Dreaming or at least sleep dreaming is designed to allow the body to repair, produce and do what it needs to do in the "dark" time. Dreams, allow our "little ego" to work out issues and problems for us. AND, the dream state gives the soul a chance to leave the body and do what it has to do.
In the creative, meditative space our souls are creating with us. We are providing the physical expression for the soul to create.
It's a space that really doesn't have anything to do with our physical bodies mending or producing or whatever it is it does at night. Does that make sense? Well, it did to me in the 88 degree heat and humidity outside. :)Bea