Friday, July 23, 2010

And then there is always the lighter side....

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Cousin Harvey
I might use these as postcards during my next beach holiday...

Image Credits:
Tumble Fish Studio - scene and hat -  Vintage Beach at
Tangie Baxter - Shadowy Waves - Penguin at
Male figure - Library of Congress - Flickr

Love at Fish Sight

Image Credits -
Tumble Fish Studio - Vintage Beach, Vintage Borders and Bright and Bold Frames -
except for -
Tangie Baxter - little bubbles and pelican - Shadowy Sea -
Library of Congress - male figure

Got Milk - 8 x 10 collage available as a limited edition print

 I was delighted at how crisp this looks when printed up!  Perfect as a positive reminder for a toddler's bedroom who's reluctant to drink milk!!  I love those little round milk tabs - takes me back to the days when we had milk delivery and glass milk bottles.  Somehow milk tasted better out of a glass I sounding like Andy Rooney? 

Image Credits:
 Tumble Fish Studio - Miscellany, Little Round Things,  Letters, Big Whimsy (dotted background)  Bright and Bold Borders and the floor - Twinkle Toes
Milk - from Stark - Holliewood Studios
all via

If you just want to bring out the joy of your inner child and drown your nasty adult inner critics - then there's Nancy's CrowAbout  StudioB selection of imaginary figures to play with....

Note To Self:
"Discover your inner child's voices and be fearless to your art.  Live joy." 

Image Credits:
Crowabout StudioB - Dirty Words and Wild Things
Holliewood Studios - The Collector
Smaller Words - Lisas Altered Art

Oddly Familiar?....Bad Kitty

Image Credits -
Crowabout StudioB - Oddly Odd, Crow Scratch, Dirty Words, A Bit of Vintage
Holliewood Studios bird and nest - The Collector
Bat wings - The Thing Finder
Do Not Enter - Sign of the Times
X - Scarlet Letters
Tumble Fish Studio  border - Bright and Bold
legs - Crazy Legs
all At
Shoes - stash

That's T R U D I with an ....i.... nyuk nyuk

Someone suggested I should use this as a business card....wink...

When You're Strange - lyrics from The Doors
Image Credits -
Crowabout StudioB - Dirty Words, Wild Things Paper and Oddly Odd and Funky People
Tumble Fish Studio - Funky Grids and Twinkle Toes
all at

The Zetti-Step Dancer - with that luscious velvet green dress thrown in just for 'the luck of the Irish"

Image Credits -
MizzD Stock - gown
Crowabout StudioB - Dirty Words, Wild Things

Image Credits  -
Tangie Baxter - Art Stomp -
Dress - MizzD Stock -
Einstein, Money - Creative Commons
Holliewood Studios -
Hat, Rubber Boots - Love and War
Sign - Sign of the Times
Grass - Maya
Chorus Line - Ruby Blossom - Fllickr

Work It Sister

Another morsel of   just for plain  fun.  What kept running through my mind as I created this image is a saying "There's No Dress Rehearsal..... in life...

Image Credits:
Tumble Fish Studio, MizzD Stock, Holliewood Studios all at
 and N. Perry for the cat

Creative Minds.......

I kept thinking of the film "Throw Mama From the Train" while I was piecing this image together!

Image Credits:  Clementine Designs - Choo Choo Train at


Holly Loves Art said...

It's all wonderful Trudi! Love the milk splats! Everything is so colorful and vibrant!

Anji Johnston said...

Every one of these creations are a joy to look at. ALL favorites Trudi, just love 'em!

Healing Woman said...

You've got a great sense of humor. I love all the quotes. Definitely the "Trudi with an i" would make a perfect business card. Great job!

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

WOW, have you been busy! All are fabulous...

Cindy McMath said...

Holy Hannah you've been busy Trudi! Love it all, and I agree "Trudi with an I" would make a super business card. Your daydream collage is stunning too.

Cindy :)

Bea said...

Boy, this took me down memory lane to Zettiland for some of them, especially Uncle Harvey. I love all of them. I bet you were giggling when you were finished with some of them. lol I know I was looking at them. :)Bea