Sunday, May 17, 2009

Encaustic Workshop

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I spent Saturday at an encaustic workshop with artist Maria Madacky. Some of her work is available on "Absolute Art". We worked on a still life in the morning and in the afternoon, I opted to just experiment with this medium. The photo above is the result of my morning effort. I am smitten with the textural possibilities encaustic painting lends itself to. This was done on the rough side of a piece of masonite board (17x20) . I added a few pages of Japanese text in the background that is modestly visible if you were to press the photo to view it large.


Bea said...

I absolutely love this effect. It has such an old world look to it.
I've done a small canvas but it would be so neat to be able to do a larger piece. Beautiful background. :)Bea

Tammy said...

How cool. I love it. It makes me think of a cup of coffee.

On a Whimsey said...

I like this! Encaustics is a wonderful medium that allows the artist so much freedom and the viewer to use their imagination to flow.

Marilyn said...

Really nice. The layer of "copper" underneath is terrific.