Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just more drawing.....

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....not much happening in the studio this week other than trying to finish the drawing portion of a piece I would like to start painting on Thursday. I love to capture pieces at different stages to be able to look back and measure the progress. Below, I combined both photos so far.
One of the elements I like about this Nat Geo photograph is the rhythm or 'interconnectedness' of each figure because of the hand gestures, the feet and the variety of ways the heads are 'gestured' as well as the hats or scarves each child has on. Unfortunately, the image I am drawing from is too large to fit in my scanner, so you can't see the feet in the photograph.
Earlier this year in class I critiqued a painting by Seurat (pictured below) It too, employed rhythm in part by the repetition of hats within it. I think that may be perhaps one of the reasons I subconsciously chose this photograph to paint.


Bea said...

I am facinated by this process so please keep posting about it. :)Bea

Michele said...

I'm so jealous!!!! Seriously, it is beautiful so far. I am enjoying your sharing the process. Maybe it will give me the courage to try a painting myself. It is beautiful so far.