Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Dreams" 4.75 x 6.75 Experimenting with Collage and Gel Transfers

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My latest artistic experiment outside of my art class has been testing different types of gel transfers over top of paper collages I've made but not finished! I have several....
This one was tricky to photograph, so I took it outside to put it in natural sunlight. It is a paper collage on top of thick cold pressed watercolor paper, with the transfer added of the larger face and then some embossing and acrylics added. The transfer part is tricky. This was my 5-6 attempt to get the timing, (how long to leave it before its lifted) the contrast, and amount of gel all working together.
It'll be off to a secret someone within the next couple of days!


Heather Robinson said...

Hello, dear friend. I haven't visited your blog in such a long time and I'm kicking myself!! This piece at the bottom of the post is stunning to me. I haven't yet mastered gel transfers but love the depth that they give to a piece. This one is absolutely gorgeous and just draws me in. Ahhh....head on hands gazing at it again in the next few seconds.

Laura Pace said...

Someone's going to be very lucky to receive this. You did an outstanding job on it.