Monday, October 15, 2007

"Money Can't Buy It" - for Holly

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This collage started with the antique optometrist lens, the Bahamian one cent coin that was in part of a box of antique items I purchased in the antique shop area in Victoria. I had been reflecting about my personal values during a brilliant conversation with my wonderful partner and a good friend . I was considering the value of money versus time, thus the clock face on the optometry lens. The stamps were also part of that 'box' and represent both the value I have for nature and for freedom through being able to fly to destinations like Victoria or my end destination - Salt Spring Island to be further charmed by spending another weekend at Nick Bantock's "Forgetting Room" - the workshop focusing on the marriage of words and images. During my stay on Salt Spring, I was reconnected to my childhood in several powerful ways.... through a morning I spent on the beach, combing for sea shells and treasures....something I'd not done since a week spent in Clayquot kayaking, precisely one decade earlier. I read for the third time one of my favorite novels written by by Anne Lindberg - Gifts from the be continued.....

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Anonymous said...

Stunning, gorgeous, beautiful collage.
Love this one Trudi..