Sunday, October 07, 2007

Thanksgiving Day - Revisiting - Canadian Forecast Oct 15, 2006: " Minus 42 in the Sons"

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On Oct 15, 2006 I looked at the front page of the National Post and this is what resulted. I was so saddened by the news of two more casualties in Afghanistan. I recall not too long ago and soon after Stephen Harper was elected, there was media attention over whether or not we should pay tribute as a nation to our fallen soldiers individually. I decided then I would, and that each deserved to be honored and believe it important that each Canadian at home have the opportunity to know the price of freedom . I decided to created this collage to pay tribute to these soldiers personally. I pray my next piece of war related art will be one of celebrating the end of violence globally. A lofty goal. The collage has several symbols represented and I decided to detail them individually as this relief collage didn't photograph well. 1) the torn fabric of our world where wars have become commonplace. 2) There are 42 hearts contained within the piece - one for each soldier who has given their life. 3) At the top right there are two faces representing female/male soldiers, mothers and sisters of male soldiers, fathers and brothers of female soldiers, and representative of all Canadians who mourn our troops. These are situated above the neck and body depicted indicating their souls are in heaven as their family and friends and fellow Canadians grieve for their loss. They have risen above the samsara body below. 4) In the center of the collage there is the number 42 and the Asian symbol for dream, both upside down representing lost dreams. 5) Below the dream symbol is the original newspaper clipping noting the latest toll. 6) Next to the hand which holds the hearts of all, is a woman in a Burka, symbolizing our empathy for the suppression of our global sisters in Afghanistan and their split eye representing how difficult it is for a woman to be herself in her homeland under the present circumstances - divided loyalties to her gender and her country.


Magickdiva said...

Wow - what a fabulous piece of art - very moving

Hermine said...

This is so gorgeous, love the different textures. Great colouruse.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous, incredible, fabulous piece.