Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eleanor of Toledo - 10x10 collage mounted inside a rubix cube type frame

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This should be arriving at Tejae's today - I hope she is happy with it!
She was Spanish. She was part of the House of Alba, and her father was the Marquis of Alvarez, Viceroy of Naples for the Spanish Royal House. She was a Neapolitan Spaniard. It was the Medicis' need to possess Naples that raised their interest in Eleanor. This young woman, fragile and reserved, was always surrounded by her chaperons and her cockatoos; this system which would still exist in Velasquez' time, this completely exotic side of the Spanish women of that era, but who, in Florence, would have to learn the rigors of etiquette and live at Cosimo's side; we will never know whether she loved or hated him. She bore him ten children.


Anonymous said...

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Catherine said...

Very well done Trudi. perfect layering!

bockel24 said...

what a lovely project referring to history - I really love how you made it look modern.