Thursday, July 12, 2007

Altered Book Collage for Jerrie Hall - Altered Art Obsession

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I am in the final stages of completing my pages for Jerrie Halls' Altered Book. The topic is CIRCULAR VOIDS. Jerrie wanted me to photograph my pages and let her see them before I sent the book off to the next artist. I decided I would give her a peek at the 'concept.' She'll have to wait until her book comes home to her....sometime in December 2007 to discover the layout, the topic and the country! There are several clues in this collage - a map, a letter, the name of the country. One final clue: the Flavors are UP, DOWN, TOP, BOTTOM, CHARM and STRANGE.

1 comment:

Jerrie Hall said...

I really have a difficult time dealing with being so excited and having to wait so long to see the final results!