Monday, May 14, 2012

What a surprise!

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This was an unexpected surprise this sunny Monday morning! 

 I was going through my emails and saw a headline titled:  "How to make a collage using the computer, or not" in the Cloth Paper Scissors Today column by Cate Prado  and thought "Hmmm, that might be interesting."  I followed the link and voila - it was about two articles I have written, one that I am just wrapping up this week.  They will be published in the July/August Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and Part Two in September/October 2012.

I received my draft proof for the article mentioned below last Wednesday and was so impressed by the  amazing design/background they created for the layout!   You can see a little bit of it in this article (the sand and sea shells behind the collage).  

The rest of the article of course has to remain under wrap until the magazine hits the newstands in July!  The cloth collages I made for Part Two of the article are different from the first you see below.  I think it's ok to give you just  a little sneak peak of what's in store -

And to see Cate's review, just double click  on the image below to go directly to the Cloth Paper Scissors Today website

Thank you Cate for your very kind review of the article.  And also a big thank you to Jenn Mason (Editor)  and Barb Delaney  (Assistant Editor) for their professionalism and sense of humor over the past three months - you are both such a pleasure to work with!

Learn more about Cate Prado here


Linda said...

OMG -Trudi -I just saw this newsletter too!!! Huge congrats to you !!!!!! Oh I wish I were nearby to hug you!!!You are SO talented and I am so happy for the recognition you are getting-your work is just exquisite!!!!
(sorry, can't help the overwhelming excitement and joy for you)

Lorraine said...

Am really looking forward to seeing these articles - so exciting!

bockel24 said...

haha, I´ve read that email newsletter, too, and of course I´ve been happy to see your name in it! What a pity that the magazine isn´t easy to find here in Germany (I think I´d have to buy a subscription because you can´t purchase single copies) ...

Sharon said...

Congratulations Trudi! Your work never ceases to inspire me.
I was thrilled to see your work in the latest issue of CPS. I can hardly wait to see the next 2 issues for an in depth peek into your process.

Healing Woman said...

I'll be purchasing a copy of that issue as I did the other one you were featured in. Congratulations-well deserved!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Trudi, that is so awesome, congratulations! i don't subscribe, but will be sure to look for the July/August issue. I would love to know more about how to use photoshop and think how you take your digital images & translate them to fabric is amazing!

Seth said...

Congratulations Trudi. I cannot wait to get both of these issues. Love the banner too!