Friday, January 06, 2012

Carpe Diem - more thoughts on 'the moment'

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 Following yesterday's post asking you to join me in my goal to live fully in each moment, today's "The Daily Om" presented a timely look at "Thoughts" - 
  Our thoughts are powerful forces in the creation of our experience of life. You may be able to recall a time when frustration that was based on a misunderstanding completely evaporated when your understanding changed. This is because our interpretation defines our experience, and it can change in an instant. Our only true reality is the present moment, so rather than merely accepting that life is happening to us, we can harness the power of our thoughts to actively create a positive reality. For example, we can choose to appreciate beauty around us rather than focusing on traffic or look for admirable qualities in the people we deal with rather than focusing on the negative. By choosing how to interpret and define each moment with your thoughts, you truly create your reality. 

Throughout the day, we can monitor our thoughts to catch ourselves in the middle of investing our energy elsewhere—such as into belief in limitations—and instead pull our focus back to the infinite possibilities of the present. Taking a deep breath will help us center our thoughts on being in our bodies right now. Regular meditation allows us to gain mastery over our minds so that we can still our thoughts to focus on the pureness of being. If we mentally dwell on the past or the future, we may miss the experience of living in the present moment. Setting and visualizing goals is wonderful, but we can bring our thoughts into our current experience by taking steps to create them now. 

Our minds are powerful tools that we can harness to create our reality. Through them we move the unformed energy of the universe into form, which gives us direction for our words and actions. Each thought is like a stone dropped into a lake, sending ripples out into our world to affect all they touch. We can choose our focus and how we invest our energy, which gives us the power to design our lives to be whatever we choose in each and every moment. 

"Carpe Diem"
digital collage - 6 x 6 inches
Copyright 2012 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved
Image Credits - from my own photographs, Tumble Fish Studio (wave)
 and Holliewood Studios (fish)

For pure amusement's sake,   here's a selection of photos of the above work in progress.  It began with  a photo I took of the ocean last week (in the middle) during our holiday trip to Victoria, BC

And another capture of it  'in process'

On the opposite side from the original photograph, the 'scene' looked like this -

Gonzales Hill - Victoria, B.C. Canada


Linda M. said...

Hi Trudi, A great inspirational post and your digital collage is awesome. I love looking at the details of your work and your colors. Beautiful. Hugs, Linda

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Happy New Year! A rather thought provoking post. Bet you enjoyed your visit to the coast. Looking forward to another year of creativity and appears you have started out beautifully with this digital.

Bea said...

Excellent post. I still find that in order to collect my thoughts, make sure I am CLEAR about what it is that I want from the universe I need to make the list, say it outloud. Then be prepared for the change and accept what it is I have put into being. So, do the tweaking in your thought process, adjust the list, speak your intention with purity and then do the work to make the change happen. :)Bea

bohemiannie! art said...

I love this post Trudi. I am living in the moment...unless I forget...but I'm noticing my feelings so much more these days and bringing myself back to a place of peace...right NOW. One of my favorite sayings from last year...This moment is the point of power. Your hauntingly (in a beautiful way) gorgeous collage is so very beautiful.

PaisleyPeacock said...

Thanks for sharing!

Createology said...

Lovely post and definitely I am reminded to "Sieze the Day". Blissful and Creative 2012 Dear...

Florance Simpson MFA said...

In going forward with my goal of letting other Canadian artists I admire know that I lurk about their blogs regularly without commenting...I plan on changing that and supporting their amazing talents!
I've long admired your fabulous work as an artist and your lovely blog...thank you for sharing your gift of artistic creativity with all of us!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are on fire this year!!! Great works and powerful energies! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart