Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Before and Afters - an Invitation to Inspire

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Are you the type of artist who 'gets an image in your mind' and create exactly what you've envisioned?  Or, do you let the process lead you?
Personally, I often  surprise myself  - what I start out with and what I end up with can be and often is,  entirely
different and  unrecognizable from the finished product.  Other times, only a little snippet remains.  Or, the digital image takes on texture and dimension (like this one below) when printed onto cloth and sewn.

  I know I love seeing those "before and "afters".   Whether it is following a painting along from start to finish, a collage as layers and layers are added on top of each other  or a digital composition and which images were incorporated.

So today I thought I'd suggest something, that would be fun for me, and I hope, for those of you reading this.    All that is required as far as planning goes is to take a "BEFORE" snapshot - the early stage of a painting, your first images down on canvas, paper or virtually on the digital screen.

Email your before and afters to me twodressesstudio@shaw.ca  (at a decent  but not ginormous size)  with any relevant insights as to what you lead you from A to B and I'll set up a page to post them  with a link back to your blog.  

Here's a digital example - 

Before  (about 12 or 13 images to start) 
from Finecrafted Designs (VooDoo) and Holliewood Studios - www.DeviantScrap.com

I had no idea this would end up below and be called...
"The Marshmellow Roast" - digital illustration
Copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved

I'd love to  see where you've been and where you're at!  Will you play?  Hope so!



Martina2801 said...

Dear Trudi, I think that you are a very talented artist and I love your style. Each of your unique works are clearly imbued with thought, effort and the passion for what you do. This is what makes your work inspirational for me.
Best to you

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Always interesting to see the before and afters. Some of my afters end up completely different from where I began! Love the skinny page.

Seth said...

Great idea Trudi. I will see what I can come up with next time I start an artwork. Just posted this on Twitter to spread the word.

Hermine said...

They look absolutely great. And I love the before and after!