Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Butterfly Effect - Update #17

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It seems each time I sit down to write an update for The Butterfly Effect, the first thought that comes to mind is
pure gratitude.  Each time an envelope arrives in the mail, I feel so humble and grateful for both having such a priveleged life and knowing, through this experience, there are so many generous, trusting and compassionate people in our world.

I have a fabulous collection to share with you today.  Floating with feathers and beads, cloth, paper, paint, even a  frozen charlotte doll and loving messages for the Holocaust children, the butterflies arrived from both children and adults and from as far away as NORWAY and DUBAI.   In total,  eleven butterflies landed at my doorstep.  Several more people 'signed in' to express an interest in participating in the Holocaust Museum Houston Butterfly Project.  I am just now getting caught up with recording all of the new participants. 

One in particular, moved me to tears, and I wanted to share it today.  It comes from Renee -

"I just wanted to send you this email in reference to your blog posting The Butterfly Effect. I love this idea. I was so inspired I canceled my appointments for the day updated my blog with a link to your page with your graphic and spent a few hours creating my butterfly. My butterfly means the world to me. Reading how each butterfly represents one of the 1.5 children who were lost to the Holocaust, I thought about how those voices were silenced never to be heard again.

 There is another group that was silenced as well. I have added triangles and rainbows to my butterfly. These are in representation of the Gays & Lesbians that were lost as well. What few people know is that the Gays and Lesbians were not liberated from the death camps as the other prisoners were. The gays and lesbians were taken from the camps and placed in other prisons where they remained. No one came to free them.

I have always looked at butterflies as freedom. A spirit flying above the mess below in the warm sunshine and they always make me smile. I hope that your project brings the sun shine out and shows all these wonderful butterflies in the freedom and happiness they should have. So my butterfly has been safely packaged into an envelope and it’s now on it’s way to you.
 Thank you so much for introducing this project. It certainly put my day into prospective.

Blessed Be

Thank you Renee/Sosanna - I appreciate you sharing your information, time and your heart with me this week.  Your letter was bittersweet both inspiring and disturbing all rolled into one.

And thank you to the following warm souls whose butterflies are now in safe keeping. 

Maggie Tomei
J. Wanamaker
Sara Healy
Micah Coffey
Lilly Coffey
Josiah Coffey
Hanna Coffey
Nikole Miller
Becky Bunn
Nine Lise Moen
Mr. Moen Jr.

Maggie Tomei
Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

Becky Bunn
Berthoud, Colorado, USA

J. Wanamaker
Duncan, BC, Canada

Josiah Coffey - age 3
Dubai, UAE

 Lilly Coffey - age 5
Dubai, UAE

Nikole Miller

Boise, Idaho, USA

Micah Coffey - age 2
Dubai, UAE

Hanna Coffey (aunt to Lilly, Josiah and Micah)
Boise, Idaho, USA

Sara B. Healy
Tallahasse, Florida, USA

Mr. Moen Junior - age 3.5
Stavenger, Norway

Nine Lise Moen
Stavanger, Norway


La Dolce Vita said...

fabulous collection!! xx's

Terri Kahrs said...

This beautiful project has really taken wings, Trudi. It's truly awe inspiring in many ways. Renee's letter truly touched my heart - I was so unaware, but now my heart is mourning for yet another innocent group. Blessings & Hugs, Terri xoxo

Sharon said...

Oh Trudi I am so happy to see the list keep growing. I have always believed if you spread the word they will come. And they have and they will keep coming. I just know it. You are to be commended.

Linda M. said...

Trudi, Each time I am amazed at the beautiful butterflies. Thank you again for hosting this project. Hugs, Linda

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I am so pleased that the word is spreading about your Butterfly Effect. May it continue to gather momentum.

Magaly Guerrero said...

They are so wonderful and the babies are getting so crafty!

lostinart said...

Am spreading the word on my FB page. I hope it sends 100's of butterflies either your way or directly to the
Museum in Houston. Let it rain butterflies! They are all beautiful.

Hanna said...

I must have mis-labeled the butterflies. The one that has Niki's name under it is mine, and the one with my name is hers. I'm sorry if I messed that up. :]
So happy to see all the support for this. :]

Createology said...

Each of these butterflies are so beautiful and really add to the museum exhibition. Smiles...

Seth said...

Brilliant new additions!

Sosanna said...

Love the newest editions to your collection, thank you for posting my letter. I'm excited to see my butterfly added to your collection. This is a great project thanks so much for allowing me to be part of it.