Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Thanks to Debby at I started last week with two blog awards in one day! I've only now made the time to post these lovely little image and to formally thank Debby for her kindness always.
So - I have had the hard decision to decide on which blogs to award this to - and, finally they are:
1st Floor Flat - Susie - I still haven't enough time to get through all of her blogs or comment on a percent of the plethora of surprises in store 'at the flat'!
Misty - a sweetheart with endless talent and always goes above and beyond what's required in any exchange I've had the pleasure of participating in with her!
Viola - Boy this woman can create create and create! I'm psyched I'm trading ATC's with her again!
Sandra - LOVE how she creates suspense in each of her posts!
I have passed this award on to you , but please don't feel as though you need to write about it, just post the award on your blog if you like.


Susie Jefferson said...

I've only just seen this - thank you SO MUCH! I am tickled to death (and honoured, of course).

Misty Frederick said...

You are just "TWO kind" (Sorry...couldn't help myself with the pun)! Seriously, thank you - this little gem brightened my day. You're one of my fav artists!

Viola said...

Thank you so much, Trudi! :o)

Debby said...

Hey!!! Congrats on getting your blog award up, it is right where it should be. Love all the new beauties on your blog. Gorgeous work.