Monday, July 28, 2008

"The People You Meet When You're Walkin Down the Street"

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Since "Film Exploration" in my high school years, I've always enjoyed photographing human faces. The collection below captures snapshots of perfect strangers, who've been gracious enough to allow me to photograph them, in the moment.


mcdc3s said...

Love the way you captured these people. Nothing beats black and white.

Candace said...

It's true, black and white. It's there! This makes me think of that song, "Everyone's Beautiful in Their Own Way"...
Well done. I have so loved your blog... and now, more than ever.
What a delight, Byron's Journeys... I am doing something similar -- sort of -- with "The Baby". The music, WOW. Thanks so much for sharing.

I will try to stay in better touch.