Thursday, December 06, 2007

PUBLISHED WORK - under construction~

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Jim said...

This has been my first glimpse at your unique creations and I find them so fascinating. I can hardly wait to show the web site to Jalene who, like Jill did, is now attending Art classes at the U.
All the best! Jim

Hermine said...

WOW this is very interesting, you almost can't stop looking so much to discover.

Heather Jacob said...

wow your work is absolutely amazing !!!! love your style, so original and with so much beautiful energy eminating from the designs... BEAUTIFUL !!
hugs from me x

Jade said...

hi, i'm Jade, just saw a magazine with your art clippings in it, and saw that you have blogspot like me. so i'm like, what the heck?, and find ur site! i love it, and now i'm a follower!