Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hurray and Thanks ArtCHIX!

Share -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am learning that for me, part of being a new artist is learning to also be my own cheerleading team. Except of course, for other artists who I'm beginning to know through various groups. I am so grateful to them... especially those who so unselfishly help me to learn - what wonderful souls. So, although this accomplishment was a very small fish in an ocean of other artists amazing accomplishments and work, it was nevertheless significant for me. My submission (#15) was chosen to be published for sale along with 14 other beautiful Floral Beauties chosen by Helga, the owner of ArtCHIX Studios. Here is what she wrote:
Floral Beauties ARTchix Cards #AC102 IN STOCK! Price $8* Product Description These gorgeous cards were made by our very own talented YahooGroup members. You can read about the wonderful artists here. You will receive the entire set of 15 cards as shown above (the front of each card has a lovely collage and the back has printed info about the card). They're wonderful to collect! Or add them to your own artwork...they look great adhered to the front of a card. Get the entire set as a special, unique birthday gift for an arty friend. You can collect these cards and store them in nice Plastic Pages. Number of Items in each Package 15 individual cards Notes Professionally laser printed. Archival quality Size Each card 2.5"h x 1.25"w


Anonymous said...

Hi! I had to tell you that although I think all the artwork on the Floral ARTchix Cards is gorgeous, I actually bought it because of yours! As soon as I saw your card I clicked on buy! Then I went to see who is this wonderful, talented artist who made such an extraordinary card?! So glad I found your blog too! Everyone did a fabulous job on these cards-I don't mean to imply the others didn't. Yours just really resonated with me!

two dresses said...

Thanks very much Shauna! Your comment is so appreciated! Wish I could email you to thank you.