Thursday, April 23, 2009

International Fake Journal Month - Roz Stendahl

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Art and Journal Page by Roz Stendahl (Copyright 2009)
Early this morning, while looking for something entirely unrelated, I came across a site that caught my attention and captured an hour of my time this morning. Initially, I was more inspired by the artist's (Roz Stendahl) beautiful art work. I often leave comments about art work, but seldom read any ART blog entries that appear to be overly lengthy. I'm there to look at the art afterall. But, this was the exception. PLUS, she is hosting a contest for the International Fake Journal Month (April each year) and the requirements aren't too demanding. Just do a fake journal entry. Invent an alter ego, and depersonalize your entries....anything goes really. Check out her blog for more details at After that, you'll also find some other links to her gorgeous work.

So, the above is Two's watercolor/journal page to this fabulous, set yourself free, idea. I just followed the end of my nose (which may be what I choose to paint tomorrow???) If you have a moment and especially if you are prone to being self-conscious about 'painting outside the lines' or journalling about your life - this just might be the answer to set yourself free. I loved her line - "Life's so Short, Why Only Live One?" p.s. the watercolor well..... it started out as a feather!!


Marilyn said...

This is so terrific. I like the idea and just might try it.

Sandy said...

Wow, this is beautiful. I read Roz' IFJ a lot and love it...Maybe next time I'll try it.

gorgeous work you did.