Saturday, April 11, 2009

And now on to something completely different....

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Our final major project in Visual Communications at Emily Carr University was to create a piece that reflected a social comment. After several ideas, I finally settled on reflecting my dismay and horror over Afghanistan President Hamin Karzai's decision to quickly pass a bill in parliament on family law as it relates to Shiite women and their matrimonial obligations and custody rights of their children. I imagined what it may look like if 'the shoe was on the other foot' and Karma had 'played out.' President Karzai now wears a burqa with a chastity belt over his head. I recognize he faces incredible pressure to be caught in the middle of religious leaders in his homeland and Western ideology. Nevertheless, passing a law which makes it illegal for a woman to not have intercourse with her husband less than once every four days is not only a horrific example of the Shiite misogynistic and blatant sexist culture...but is purely criminal. Further, the news reports of the bill being rushed through in record time, during an election year, increases my repulsion of this behavior. Afghanistan needs an historic leader like Gandhi, unaffected by political pressure with the courage and vision to free women from these barbaric religious customs that have become interwoven within the federal laws.
Pictured above is the second part of the assignment which was to place the image within the context I would want it to be viewed . Photograph is pending permission from the photographer and as such is temporarily used for educational purposes only. Right Linda?


Bea said...

This is a tough one but a good one. :)Bea

Marilyn said...

I really like this interpretation. I have difficulty understanding such cultures as they seem so backward to me.