Friday, March 06, 2009

Further Complementary Color Exploring....

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Original Painting
This is a quick acrylic on canvas (6x6 inches). I have a second major project starting with only some preliminary information. It will be a narrative piece. I'm playing around with the idiom "the cat bird seat" and so I thought I'd get started with some ideas. One of the requirements is the final submission must contain a sequence of images and a consistent 'theme' of media/color throughout the sequences.

Digitally Altered from Original


Michele said...

I like the original acrylic better, but both are nice. The catbird's seat is an interesting expression and I look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Seth said...

The colors are really strong in the digital but I find the original to be inspired!!

Laura Pace said...

I like the digital but found the original a bit more appealing.Really like the painting itself..have 5 cats know the expression well!
I've been really drawn to your use of color throughout this whole process you're going through.