Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Collage

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For the past week, we've been exploring collage in my Emily Carr University studio course. It is the first time I've had the opportunity to be guided through the history of collage and various artists surrounding this art form. This collage started out as just an exercise in considering negative and positive space as well as diagonal lines, color and textures. But as is usually the case, , something always emerges that has personal significance to me. My daughters have been on my mind more often than normal lately and I see those thoughts being reflected representationally.


Bea said...

I love collage. I love to look at the layers, the items used and wonder what was going on in the artist's mind and in my collages, my mind.
It's always interesting what developes and expresses itself from your inner core.
Hoping your daughters are doing well. :)Bea

Michele said...

Lovely! Isn't it wonderful how our lives come out in our art whether we want them to or not? I would have posted this sooner, but I made the mistake of clickin on the Free Vintage site in your sidebar and I got lost ther for a while. I went through till I saw every image and scooped up several. I have been stuck on the boardbook I have for Red but I am now feeling fresh juice due to this site and some of the images I got there. Thanks for sharing your work and thanks for the link as well.
PS - I am going to the art museum in Balboa Park today to see this exhibition:

Will be thinking of you and the fun e had there during your visit. Hugs!