Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Fabulously Colorful Alphabetica Book

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I am so proud of this book. The theme - Women and Their Colors. Each and everyone of the pages just sparkle - and of course, like always, they are much better seen in person. I am just in the process of gathering blog addresses on all of the artists who participated in this round robin, hosted by the talented and fellow Canadian, Debby Harriettha, and will continue to post them as they come in so you can have the opportunity to visit their blogs. Participants:
A-B - me
C-D - Debby Harriettha
G-H - Rachelle Lawlor
I-J - Heather Holst
M-N - Mimi Dzyacky
S-T - Linda Eustace
W-X - Abby Lazar
Y-Z - Debby Harriettha
Click on the groups to view larger. I'll bet you'll learn a few new colors too (hint M, N and Z)


Alexandra Knittel said...

What a wonderful book!

Gaby Bee said...

A really fabulous project. All pages are simply amazing. I'm sure you are over the moon with this book.
Enjoy it!

Gaby xo

Misty Frederick said...

What a treasure! Really beautiful works!