Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Dancing Mocking Bird - Tammy Sprinkle

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I feel grateful every day but TODAY I had another reason - Tammy Sprinkle's package arrived today wrapped in pink and organza with ribbon and rose petals ! She drew my name in her One World One Heart gypsy caravan event. The "Dancing Mockingbird" necklace and the earrings sparkle and the craftmanship is impeccable.
This on-line group of artists, artisans, crafters and authors is a true blessing. My life is colorfully enriched each day by emails and comments, mail and projects. I know of no other community where encouragement, creativity and generosity is embraced like it is here. It humbles me and it gives me strength DAILY. It gives me a million reasons when I am buying a gift to first check the offerings on Etsy or other shops in an effort to give back.
Thanks Tammy. Your creation will be worn often and will always serve as a reminder of the spirit of OWOH. Tammy's ETSY shop "Design4u" can be found here.

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Tammy said...

Thanks sweet Trudi. I hope you enjoy it.