Thursday, May 21, 2009

Progress to date - Acrylic Painting

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Thanks to Bea for reminding me I hadn't taken a recent photo of my drawing-painting. Unfortunately, progress is slow as I easily get sidetracked doing other artwork - in particular the blog banners and backgrounds. It's also easy for me to become reconnected with the 'blank canvas fear' - even when it isn't blank anymore! But, here it is - the process I am currently engaged in is just blocking in the general colors. Again, I did find it very helpful, being left-handed, to start on the right hand side of the canvas. This is even more important now as my sleeves brushes against the paint as I go along. Especially for me, as I find my common sense disappears when I am engaged in a 'right-brained' mode.
Below - the original photograph taken by MICHAEL S. YAMASHITA (2001) "Tajik children go over class notes before school in a mountain village of China's Xinjiang Province. Again - a portion of the his photograph for ....gulp....comparison sake, and to remind me of the daunting work still left!

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