Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Catching up....

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Yikes!   It is clear to me that I much prefer creating over the administrative responsibilities that follow as Creative Team member which sometimes require me to post the work I have completed on my blog....So a big apology to the designers as I have been late in posting several images!

Over the month of August, Hollie of Holliewood Studios has released a real funky group of ATC packs  as well as Theatre of Dreams and A Rose is a Rose.  This first one below is the front and back of a skinny page I made and have now printed onto cloth and am embellishing it .

4 x 8 inch Skinny Page - Front and Back
Image Credits
Tumble Fish Studio - Wings, Stars, Moon and portion of background
Tangie Baxter - Elephant
Holliewood Studios - Drapery,  white sign, box, crow, candles, crown - DeviantScrap
Hand and box - Studio Gypsy
Little boy on rocking horse and Dreamer - Lisa's Altered Art
Figure - MizzD Stock - Deviant Scrap


Image Credits:
Holliewood Studios - Deviant Scrap for background, rosary, candles, clouds
Brian Davidson from Flickr for Lion
Female Figure - Boudereau

Free Kisses

Image Credits:
Chair and Sky - MizzD Stock DeviantScrap
Figure - Lisa's Altered Art
Background Floor and  Box - Holliewood Studio Theatre of Dreams
Letters, eyelet and butterfly - Catherine Designs

                    Oh Happy Day

Image Credits:
Clowns - creative commons www
Female Figure, Happy Day and Sunny - Tumble Fish Studio
Champagne, Background, Drapery, Box and frame - Holliewood Studios at DeviantScrap

                                                                            Eleanor's Back!!

Image Credits:
Background - MizzD Stock - Castle Exclusives DeviantScrap
Crow, Clouds and Skeleton Leave - Holliewood Studios ATC Series- Deviant Scrap
Other embellishments - Catherine Designs Heart and Soul

Flight Within

Image Credits:

Painting, Chair - MizzD Stock - DeviantScrap
Hat - Holliewood Studios - Deviant Scrap

And one last one, and perhaps my favorite - I'd been working on this one over a few weeks not being able to find the 'finishing touch' , but today I  found the last little bits (leaves) just today in a new pack from MizzD Stock called "Fairytale Exclusives"

Ariela - 8 x 8 inch original digital collage - listed for sale here

Image Credits - MizzD Stock - Fairytale Exclusives,
rm-1008-hero - DeviantArt
Hand and Bird - personal cut outs from magazines.

That's all for today!  I should be caught up by the time the weekend rolls around.....or maybe I'll post a few more this evening!  Thanks for visiting! 


layers said...

your creativity and your productivity never ceases to amaze me.

Terri Kahrs said...

Trudi, where ever do you find the time for all of these creations?!? Of course, they're all so wonderful and so distinctively YOU. It gave me great pleasure to see that your beloved Eleanor is back! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Taluula said...

Trudi, your style is so wonderfully distinctive, I have to hold my breath each time I open your blog. Fantastic.

indybev said...

Beautiful work. I'm especially fond of the bird-in-hand! APPLAUSE