Sunday, June 07, 2009

Heart and Hope

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Above, is the original collage I made playing around this morning. I then just adjusted some of the hues and saturation to get this one below -
On my computer monitor, the second collage appears dimensional (viewed large). If you wouldn't mind commenting, I'd appreciate hearing if it also appears that way on your monitor?


Anonymous said...

I does for me too. The heart being most forward, then the angel and then the background. LindaT

Bea said...

I clicked it to view it in the large state and yes it does. There is a statue head resting on the brain that seems to give it a 3-D effect. :)Bea

Michele said...

It does loo dimensional - theblac seems to stand up seperate from the background.

Marilyn said...

Maybe I need a new monitor but they both look the same to me -- wonderful!

Debby said...

Trudi, they are both great!