Friday, April 04, 2014

The Easter Cherub

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I have a mini-tutorial using Craft Attitude  to share with you today!    It is a bit of a 'twist' on the regular 'pastel themed' decorated eggs and bunny.  My muse decided to fashion  a lovely little cherub with bunny ears and feathered wings, who is painting stipes on  rose petals  (I think Alice in Wonderland jumped into her mind along the way!) amidst a cluster of jeweled Easter eggs.   

Here's everything you will need:

Supply List

1 sheet of Craft Attitude (you can buy it at Amazon or HSN
1 sheet of embossed paper
Embroidery thread
Two tiny feathers (optional) - you can buy these by the bag at Michael's
Seed beads
UHU glue
Sewing Machine
and of course, a printer and a digital image to print out is a great place to find millions of images at an affordable price)

1.  Print your digital artwork out on to Craft Attitude.

2.  Coat the shiny side of your printed piece with a generous coating of UHU glue (don't worry, it dries clear) and smooth the two combined layers with your fingers, or iron it flat.

3.  Trim the edges and then, using your sewing machine, single stitch around the outside of the rectangle.

4.  Single stitch around areas in the composition you would like to define, using a variety of different threads.

5.  I originally machine stitched several areas and then went back and hand embroidered areas that I wanted to highlight.

6.  The cherub's hair is just a cluster of french knots, wrapped five times around the needle for more texture.

7.  I then embroidered  a blanket stitch around the outside of the rectangle followed by adding  little gold seed beads .

8.  Wanting more dimension, I attached the two feathers over the cherub's wings - you could also experiment with bits of lace or tatting.

9.  I finished it off with decorating the eggs and adding a few stitches to define the cherub's paint brush.

 A big thank you to Itkupilli and Tumble Fish Studio for the digital images (you can find them here)  I used to create the composition and to Craft Attitude for inviting me to participate in their Spring/Easter Celebration  over on their Facebook page here

For more information on Craft Attitude visit 

Happy Easter to you and yours!


marianm said...

wow (is the only word that i can type since i am basically speechless).

Jo Murray said...

An extraordinary piece of work Trudi. I managed to get hold of some Craft Attitude, but have been so busy using it in collage that I've not had time to do shoes.

Sim said...

I love your artwork indeed Trudy!
Awesome and so creative. :)