Friday, February 14, 2014

Walk In the Snow - Linda Tanaka

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 Below is the process Linda Tanaka undertook to create her work titled  "Walk In the Snow" for the Open Studio Project with Craft Attitude.  To read more about Linda and her statement on this piece please follow this link. 


Acrylic ink
Golden open acrylics
Golden soft gel
Liquitex Opaque Flakes
Craft Attitude Transportable Inkjet Film

1.  Preparing the canvas with Golden Irridescent Pearl and Liquitex White Opaque Flakes -

2.  Creating the calligraphic lettering to be transferred on to the Craft Attitude Transportable Inkjet Film -

 3.  Using a light table Linda made a sandwich of the paper turned upside down and a layer of Craft Attitude taped on top, shiny side up. A  traceable pattern  allowed her to hand letter on the shiny side of the Craft Attitude that could then be applied to the canvas.

Note:  An alternative to the method Linda used above,  you could also take a photo of your original calligraphic lettering, and then with an inkjet printer, print the lettering directly onto a sheet of Craft Attitude.  Don't forget to choose " mirror image " in your printer setting options before printing it out. 

3.  Linda used a Nikko G flexible nib dip pen to letter on the shiny side. The pen glides easily but does not allow for as much pressure and lift as a calligrapher would want to use. The material is a bit “stretchy”; that attribute is what allows Craft Attitude to be applied so successfully to a textured surface. The calligrapher has to be careful not to distort the material with too much downward pressure when making the stroke.

4.  Cutting the Craft Attitude out - 

5.  She then adhered the art film onto her canvas substrate using Golden soft gel medium and completed her lovely  textural piece.

"Walk In The Snow"
Mixed Media on Canvas - 7" x 9" inches
Linda Tanaka

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Sharmon Davidson said...

Very cool piece! I'm intrigued by this 'craft attitude', which I've never heard of before...