Thursday, January 12, 2012

True Confessions

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 Ever since I first laid eyes on Nick Bantock's Griffin and Sabine trilogy, I was HOOKED on mail art.  I still recall the day - now asome odd 20 years ago.  I went to a book signing and lecture at Audrey's Books when I was still living in Edmonton, Alberta and had the pleasure of first meeting Nick.

Since then, my library of Nick Bantock books has grown 10 fold and I now have 6 of his art pieces in my limited art collection.    I've had the pleasure along with my soul mate of sharing dinner with Nick and his wonderful wife Joyce,  and partaking in two of his extraordinarily inspiring  small group workshops located in the equally inspiring British Columbia island - Salt Spring Island. It is home to not only Nick and Joyce, but a long list of famous artists from all disciplines.

I was delighted to learn several weeks ago that Nick's alter ego, Wasnick, has taken to blogging and just this week announced a new book is in the making.  Having a stepson who is an inspiring author, I felt compelled to locate and send him the Griffin and Sabine trilogy, hoping it may inspire in some small way. Click here to be redirected to Wasnick's blog.

Below are a series of snapshots, in no particular order.  They are a response to a Cloth Paper Scissors challenge to send in a 6 x 4 inch postcard to their offices for possible publication.  The staff at CPS encouraged the postcard to include a 'message' and I found a fitting one for me personally by Twyla Tharp -

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home".

 About the Stamps

Tim Nokes - Artist

From the Canada Post Website: " Stamp designer Tim Nokes said, "Receiving the commission to produce the commemorative stamp for Parks Canada's 100th anniversary was especially meaningful to me as I was raised in Banff. But it was a challenging design task due to the small framework of a stamp and the diversity of Parks Canada's landscapes. However, I did not want to focus on a singular iconic Banff image. So I created a montage of images within the stamp that are inspired by all the mountain parks."

  Daphne Odjig - Artist

Canada Post issued three new stamps on February 21, 2011 featuring the artwork of Canadian aboriginal artist Daphne Odjig.
The stamps highlight three of Odjig's acrylic pieces with each painting, Spiritual Renewal (1984), Pow-wow Dancer (1978), and Pow-wow (1969), representing Odjig's passion for the arts and love of her native heritage.

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home"
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Image Credits:  Tumble Fish Studio, Holliewood Studios

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Poetic Artist said...

These are just wonderful..The stamps are amazing.. I am going to check out that blog..I hope your day will have a surprize of inspiration to complete that perfect piece of art.

Ro Bruhn said...

Your artwork is stunning, so much detail. I too have some of Nick's books they are a great inspiration. Thanks for the link to his blog and for also visiting mine too.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Stunning works and the colors and textures were amazing. Wonderful post and delightful works to treasure. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Painting Queen said...

Thanks for the links! Your postcard is fantastic!!!!

Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

sweet Trudi, the postcard is magnificient!! I also love nick's's so wonderfully mysterious.

Great to hear from you. hugs from colorado

tejae ♥

Seth said...

Wow! Your postcard is spectacular!

Sherry said...

Hi Trudi,
Are you participating in the International Mixed Media Postcard Swap hosted by Sign-up is until midnight tonight. Hope to see you there! Hugs from Alaska.