Friday, December 16, 2011

Swan Correspondence - digital meanderings

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Swan I - digital illustration
Copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved
Image Credits - Tumble Fish Studio, Holliewood Studios

Swan II digital illustration 
Copyright 2011 TwoDressesStudio
All Rights Reserved 
Image Credits: Holliewood Studios and Finecrafted Designs


Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow, the first image caught my attention right away on my blog thumbnails. Very striking composition! I love the eyes! Almost haunting.

Prudence Puddleduck said...

Breath-taking, magical, elusive, beautiful images......♥Debi

Anonymous said...

Captures the attention right away. Love all the details.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful work from someone so talented! I'm so glad you posted your picture on your profile. I will always think of you as "Toffee"!!!!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh, this is incredible, I agree that the composition is striking, I love the swan...

Kimberly Potts said...

Beautiful. Will you be adding the Swans to your Etsy store? Thanks!