Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mona in the Looking Glass - on her way to Germany after visiting Two and PeEKING

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Marion B. at   is hosting her 5th Annual International ATC Trade.   This year the her subject was Mona and Friends - Renaissance Women.  Now that I've completed my contributions, I'm really looking forward to visiting the other blogs to see the array of entries.  I always wait so that I'm not influenced by what others have made. 

 I've known  and admired Marion as a blog friend for even longer, trading ATC's with her when I first started to explore mixed media art and collage.  Although I've never been outside of the airport in Franfurt, Germany, I've spent some time armchair travelling through Munster, her hometown and often dream of how magical it would be to live in a city so  full of history and bursting with architectural wonder.

 Since the Canadian postal workers have been legislated to return to work, I had no time left for excuses and dreamt up three ATC's and a card to go along with them.  These are cut and paste ATC's with handmade paper and portions of pages from a vintage Japanese book I purchased a few years ago.  In the background are also  portions from a larger, more sustained digital illustration I have been working on for the better part of a week and hopefully will be finishing up over the long weekend and posting on Etsy.

Photograph 1 - Monasiatc Card - Mixed Media Collage 11 x 6 inches

Photograph 2- Monasiatc PEeKING Series - Mixed Media ATC's  (cut and paste) -  2.5 x 3.5 inches each

Photograph 3 - Monasiatc PeEKING Series and Card

Image Credits - Mona - Tangie Baxter, Pink Flamingo - Paper Whimsy, Small Fan - Holliewood Studios,
Embossed Stamp - Nick Bantock Series

Also - there is still plenty of time to enter my monthly draw (a way to express my appreciation to those of you who visit and comment). To enter, clickthe link on the sidebar to the right.  I know, it's a June 2011 Draw, but because I didn't post it until mid June, I'll be waiting until mid July to draw!

Happy 4th of July and Canada Day July 1st!


Michele said...

I really love the colors on this. Beautiful work!

bockel24 said...

Ha, Trudi, in fact it´s already my fifth annual blog swap - hope it will be as successful as the previous ones! Your Asian Monas are wonderful, and knowing your work I have no doubt that they will be even prettier in person! (Next time you really should leave the Frankfurt airport - even Frankfurt isn´t that ugly ;-))

Marilyn Rock said...

So rich and lush with color and composition as always! WOW!

Marilyn Rock said...

PS I forgot to wish you a Happy Canada Day! It's July 1st already! xxoo

Glenda said...

Fabulous work. Thanks for dropping by my blog too. Marion is fabulous for doing this swap as we get to visit blogs we may never have found otherwise.

Kathy said...

Happy Canada Day to you! Love these Monas. Have to admit though, I though YOU were going to Germany. Rats. Maybe you should hand deliver it. Glad those pesky, postal, pips are back to work. - Cheers, Kathy

Martina2801 said...

Nice to see you join in, Trudi! Your ATC's are fabulous!

bockel24 said...

Hand delivery - what a good idea! I second that, Trudi :-)

Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

WOW Trudi.........These are just quite simply Exquisite my friend. bThe colour combo you chose is just divine. Thanks for dropping by blog too hun.

Anonymous said...

I love this style and would like to get one of your fabulous Monas from Marion!

Anonymous said...

Hello Trudi,

unbelievable: I really just received one of your MONASIATCs (what a wonderful word!) and I absolutely love it! Thanks a lot to you and Marion for this swap!